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Welcome to Sustainability for Students! 

We are an online magazine where we work to provide our readers with reliable resources on climate-change and sustainability. We cover all issues related to environmental sustainability: from our clothes to current events.

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Hello from Eirini (our chief editor ✍🏼). In my time exploring the meaning of sustainability and climate-change, I struggled with finding resources all in one place. I decided to create this space to bring to life vibrant and multidisciplinary perspectives on climate-change and to encourage our readers to learn more about sustainability and the myriad of actors involved. 

Meet The Team

Eirini Sampson

The other day I was telling my friend that sometimes I don’t even think when I am writing - my hands just go ahead and do it for me. Climate-change research is not the same ‘blind’ process - a lot goes into it behind the scenes: we are here to bring you backstage. 

My favorite alternative milk is oat milk because it comes from heaven and nobody can change my mind about that: not too sweet so it goes perfectly with coffee and not too tasteless so it goes perfectly with cereal! 

Ugurcan Turkkan

Ugurcan, a terrestrial animal that graduated from law school during a global pandemic. He spends the time he has left from dealing with existential pain on writing about environmental sustainability. He believes in Rock ’n Roll and people that have ‘Mc’ at the start of their surname. He likes watching Formula 1 (yes, boo hoo, I know it is not sustainable yet), playing basketball, and laughing at Elon Musk fan tweets. He also loves oat m*lk because he is environmentally conscious (the word on the street is that he is lactose intolerant).


Hi! I graduated in urban climate and sustainability. In my past life, I worked as a landscape architect because I really enjoy working with nature and feel particularly enraged when I see it being mistreated. Exploring the wild is what I love to do. I imprint in my brain what I have seen, learnt, and felt from nature. Sometimes I draw to convey my thoughts, never having imagined that one day I would be writing on this platform alongside these amazing writers. But after all, I would like to share here what I have learned plus bits and pieces from my experience to start a communication with you, my reader. 

This might be a plot twist but I don't drink milk - pitch black is the colour of my coffee. Although, I don't mind oat milk in my mashed potatoes!

Ageliki Petridi

An undergraduate student of Chemical Engineering with Specialization in the field of Energy and Environment and great passion for reducing energy and water demands in the industrial sector.

Aretina Stefani

I’m Aretina, a recent Law grad who is doing her gap year and am passionate about telling stories and advocating for sustainable practices. Because it’s storytelling with a purpose. For me writing is the perfect way to explore things that interest me, be creative and play with words to produce a piece that accurately conveys different perspectives of reality. 

Almond milk is my favourite alternative milk  because I love semi-bitter flavours and it’s also the cheapest hah

Deniz Saygi

Deniz is currently a PhD Student in the Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies. She holds BA in International Relations and MA in Latin American Studies. She has been working and providing consulting related to the fields of Climate Diplomacy, environmental regulations, sustainable technologies, and ethical fashion. Deniz is passionate about intersectional environmentalism, sustainable fashion, and the role of indigenous peoples in fighting against the catastrophic effects of climate change.

You guessed it, her favourite alternative milk is oat milk too!

Hannah Watson

I’m Hannah, a Global Development and Sustainability graduate who is trying to refine the best recipe for cashew mac and knit my way through every tone of green that I can find. I’ve been vegan for about five years (excluding the mayonnaise incident of 2019) and fighting writers block for three. On my Instagram I’ll be making ugly vegan food that keeps the planet beautiful and gushing over organic sweatshirts, and when I’m feeling my feelings I write sad poetry about love or Anne Boleyn. I have big dreams to go into youth engagement and sustainability as well as publishing a novel that gets famous for making people cry.


My favourite alternative milk is oat for coffee, and soya for everything else. I love a classic.

Ayah Khan

Writing over and over again especially in environmental topics has made me realise this is the type of writing I want to carry on doing in the future. I love geography, especially volcanoes and recently sustainability. I love learning about the different ways we can help make our lives less complicated or cleaner. Who doesn’t like not harming the environment around us? 

Chockate milk is my favourite alternative milk! I’m a simple girl

Aysha Sohail

I’m Aysha Sohail, a second year student of International Relations at the University of Glasgow. Sustainability is an important value to me, and in particular I’m interested in sustainable food systems, fashion and intersectional solutions. I’m passionate about finding a way we can live in harmony with animals and our natural world. I got into creative work - writing and making art - from a young age and haven’t stopped since. In my spare time, I’m either lost in a book, painting something or finding new vegan recipes. As for my favourite alternative milk, I absolutely adore oat milk! 

Megan Parfitt

Hi, I’m Megan. I am a Psychology graduate and completed my dissertation on environmental psychology. Prior to my degree, I completed a diploma in art and design which was heavily inspired by the natural world. Conveying the beauty and importance of the environment through creative mediums is something I love to do, and I think it is a great way to get the message across. Writing these articles helps me deepen my inspiration and understanding of the wonderful world around me.

You won’t be surprised to hear that my favourite milk alternative is oat milk!