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About Us

What we do

Welcome to Sustainability for Students! 

We are an online magazine where we work to provide our readers with reliable resources on climate-change and sustainability. We cover all issues related to environmental sustainability: from our clothes to current events.

Our aim is to make the sustainability discourse accessible to all while amplifying the voices of the youth.

Reading a Book

Our Story

Hello from Eirini (our chief editor ✍🏼). In my time exploring the meaning of sustainability and climate-change, I struggled with finding resources all in one place. I decided to create this space to bring to life vibrant and multidisciplinary perspectives on climate-change and to encourage our readers to learn more about sustainability and the myriad of actors involved. 

Meet The Team

Eirini Sampson

The other day I was telling my friend that sometimes I don’t even think when I am writing - my hands just go ahead and do it for me. Climate-change research is not the same ‘blind’ process - a lot goes into it behind the scenes: we are here to bring you backstage. 

My favorite alternative milk is oat milk because it comes from heaven and nobody can change my mind about that: not too sweet so it goes perfectly with coffee and not too tasteless so it goes perfectly with cereal! 

Aretina Stefani

Hey there I'm Aretina, an energy and climate law master's student with a passion for storytelling and sustainable practices. I believe that climate change impacts us all, but it's the young people who hold the key to the future. My blog posts aim to provide reliable information in a way that everyone can understand, promoting a people-centered approach to climate action which leaves noone behind. So join me on this journey of discovery and exploration, as we seek to understand the interconnections between the sustainability, energy, law and conflict, and work towards building a more just and sustainable future-always with a side of coconut milk of course.

Maria Alimperti

Hey! I’m Maria. Your fellow Greek architect and a world wanderer, with an innate love for the environment and nature. I’m trying to find my way to make the building environment (cities, houses, you name it) more sustainable and pleasant to live in, by finding alternative ways for our everyday habits as citizens.

Writing is kind of a new thing to me, but ready to explore it, as a means to broaden my knowledge, communicate my ideas, and, why not, for self-improvement. I’m going to be the black sheep of the team and say that I don’t like oat milk, but my favorite comfort snack is coco yogurt with maple syrup.

Ugurcan Turkkan

Ugurcan, a terrestrial animal that graduated from law school during a global pandemic. He spends the time he has left from dealing with existential pain on writing about environmental sustainability. He believes in Rock ’n Roll and people that have ‘Mc’ at the start of their surname. He likes watching Formula 1 (yes, boo hoo, I know it is not sustainable yet), playing basketball, and laughing at Elon Musk fan tweets. He also loves oat m*lk because he is environmentally conscious (the word on the street is that he is lactose intolerant).

Sadie Pitcher

Hi! I'm Sadie and I'm a recent graduate of Art History and English with a passion for sustainable fashion and food. I'm also really interested in the role that art can play within the sustainability conversation and its power to give voice to multiple perspectives and bring awareness to the climate crisis. I also love yoga, reading and photography. I am a great lover of oat milk, but hazelnut milk is also one of my favourites as it tastes like Nutella! 

Moumitha Chokkalingam

I'm currently studying finance & investment at the University of Nottingham with Sustainable finance as one of my electives. I have always been interested in the intersection of finance and sustainability. I've had some experience as a writer for a business magazine for students at my university. My goal is to help make sustainability as fun and accessible as possible. My passion for sustainability began when I started seeing the waste I was creating by buying things that were going to be used for a short time and then thrown away. Now, I try to ensure that my lifestyle choices reflect my values. My favourite alternative milk is oat milk because it's good for your heart, but almond milk is delicious too!

Deniz Saygi

Deniz is currently a PhD Student in the Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies. She holds BA in International Relations and MA in Latin American Studies. She has been working and providing consulting related to the fields of Climate Diplomacy, environmental regulations, sustainable technologies, and ethical fashion. Deniz is passionate about intersectional environmentalism, sustainable fashion, and the role of indigenous peoples in fighting against the catastrophic effects of climate change.

You guessed it, her favourite alternative milk is oat milk too!

Emma Burton

Hey! Last year I wrote for the online magazine FizzyMag and began diving more into sustainability, veganism, climate change, and global warming. My research sparked a new love for sustainability, as well as the documentary Down To Earth on Netflix, igniting new plans to live sustainably and eco-friendly. My boyfriend and I are looking into making a container home from scratch and how you can utilize the environment around you to your advantage! 

I additionally want to expand my knowledge about food impacting the planet and the body. 


What's my favorite alternative to milk? - you ask...

It's a tie between oat and almond milk! Closely followed by coconut.

I want to try potato milk next - everyone is raving about it.

Ayah Khan

My name is Ayah Khan, a BSC physical geography graduate. I’m interested in environmental journalism and currently studying an MA in international journalism. My passion lies in the more creative aspects of climate change communications such as podcasts or fictional narratives. I want to raise awareness on different environmental issues through my writing and hope to help those who make change, get their messages across.

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