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Sustainability for Students X SustainaPod


Our Purpose

In a call to demystify the sustainability industry, we aim to create a tool to ensure that young people have access to the key takeaways from industry participants’ knowledge and experience. If you are a young person interested in a career in sustainability, this tool is for you to understand what career opportunities are out there, and what skills you would need to develop to pursue these. 

Our Work & Impact

1 / Workshops

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2 / In Depth Report of our Findings

Our in-depth report is an open-source tool for young people to understand the skills necessary for a career in sustainability.

3 / Network & Collaborations

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How to use this tool

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This is not just an informative report, but it’s an action-focused toolkit. We hope it can serve as a springboard for you to discover how you want to start your career with a focus on sustainability and impact. 


Throughout the report, there will be { }  with prompts and tips on how you can best leverage the insights from our research to consider in your own purposeful sustainability career journey. 


We hope this is the start of what is an exciting journey of self-discovery! 


For any feedback/ thoughts on how we can improve this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to _____(email) 

Contents & Structure



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