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Sustainability for Students

Collaborations & Writing Opportunities

Do you want to become part of a dynamically growing and passionate team? Do you want to take part in our essay writing projects or volunteer for one of our projects?  You can submit your interest in becoming a permanent writer for Sustainability for Students, or pitch your article/essay idea below! 

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We are a pretty international and growing team with 10 contributors at the moment based in Greece, the UK, India, the Netherlands, India and Turkey. We act as a resource hub where we try to make information on climate change, sustainability and more available in a ‘chewable’ manner for our readers. 


We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our team on a voluntary basis as: 

  1. Writers

  2. Social Media Managers

  3. Newsletter Curators


We are looking for an individual who is passionate about sustainability and writing, who will be available to write a piece once every two weeks (if you are interested in being a contributor). If you are interested in social media management, the commitment is on a weekly basis depending on your experience with tools such as Canva and Instagram management. Lastly, if you are interested in developing our monthly newsletter, your commitments would begin on a monthly basis


If you are interested in taking part in more than one of the above, you are more than welcome to do so as long as you feel that you have the time! 

You may also use this space to pitch an article as a one-off contributor!

If any of the above interests you, you can fill out the form on the right and we will be in touch with you in due course. 

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