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Making the sustainability discourse accessible to all while amplifying the voices of the youth.

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Our Objectives

Climate Knowledge Creation 

Who are the main creators of "climate knowledge"? That is research around climate, decisions and policies, solutions and more. The IPCC with its diverse pool of experts and researchers comes to mind. Others include government bodies, companies and of course, academics. These tend to lack the representation of children (up to the age of 18) and youths (between the ages of 18 and 30). A lot of the knowledge and solutions to climate change are created with young people placed in youth-oriented stakeholder boxes, while UN reports have shown that there is an intolerance to youth, and that young people are not perceived as equal partners in decision-making. 

Despite this, given that youths are arguably the most important stakeholder group in the climate discourse as we inherit the state of our planet, we stand to lose the most. We therefore, ought to be part of the solution through knowledge creation and communication. 

Climate Awareness

Beyond amplifying the voices of the youth, we aim to make complex climate information accessible to all. Access to climate knowledge is key to empowering people of all ages to actively engage with the climate discourse. 

Digital Community Building

As climate change has no borders, we use the digital tools available to us to reach wider audiences from anywhere in the world and to bring together concerned young people behind the aim of making climate information accessible to all. 

Our Work in Numbers

Partnerships and Collaborations

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