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January 2022 Petitions

One of the best forms of environmental activism: signing petitions. Here is your monthly’ rundown of environmental petitions you may wish to sign




By Who?

Require food items to display information relating to their carbon footprint

With climate change becoming a significant threat to this planet, the government should implement this to allow consumers to shop in a more eco-friendly way by seeing the impact their purchases have on the planet. The aim is to encourage people to buy items that are grown locally, and to encourage people to pick produce that has travelled the fewest air miles.

James West

Call From Gen Z: Declare Climate Emergency

The Turkish call for the declaration of an environmental emergency from the parliament. Garnered almost 25k supporters.

Protect the Oceans

Call on governments to agree a strong Global Ocean Treaty at the UN.

Greenpeace UK

Stop Arctic Drilling, Save Polar Bears!

The Southern Beaufort Sea polar bear population is the world's most imperiled, with as few as 900 individuals. The Arctic Refuge's coastal plain is vital to its survival. Oil and gas development there could eradicate polar bears from the region.

Center for Biological Diversity


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