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May 2022 Petitions

This month's petitions brought to you by the Sustainability for Students Team!





Target: Use Sustainable Palm Oil

Target said that it would only sell products that use 100% sustainably produced palm oil, and it needs to stick to that commitment. Words are just words, but it’s in action that we see if killing orangutans and contributing to deforestation and climate change really matters to Target.

Target (not the American chain)

Tell World Leaders to Protect Our Ocean and Climate

National governments must put ocean protection at the heart of climate action. It's now or never: join us in telling them it's time to act.

Environmental Justice Foundation

Rishi Sunak: make oil and gas giants pay for soaring energy prices and not ordinary people

Instead of propping up the oil and gas industry, the government should support ordinary people and tax the mega profits being made by fossil fuel companies from this crisis. Tell them.


Stop the government failing on plastic and screwing up nature

It’s not enough to ask people to recycle more. Or just banning plastic-stemmed cotton buds. Nature urgently needs strong targets to reduce all forms of pollution. Including the hidden stuff like microplastics that wash out of clothes.

So please sign our open letter today. We have just 2 months to change the government’s mind before the targets are finalised.

Friends of Earth


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