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October Petitions

Your monthly collection of climate-change related petitions is here.




By Who?

Say No To Polluter Payouts

​"We need to use public money to support a managed phase out of oil and gas production, decent green jobs and a just transition for workers and affected communities. It’s time to stop propping up the fossil fuel industry."

Paid to Pollute

Ban Fossil Fuel Advertising and Sponsorships

We call on the European Commission to propose an EU legislative act:

  • prohibiting advertisements for fossil fuels, as well as air, road and water-borne transportation (other than transport services of general economic interest) powered by fossil fuels;

  • prohibiting advertisements from any undertakings active in the market for fossil fuels, in particular by extracting, refining, supplying, distributing or selling fossil fuels;

  • prohibiting sponsorships by undertakings defined under point 2 above, or using trademarks or commercial names used for fossil fuels.


Tell The New York Times: stop promoting fossil fuels!

The New York Times devotes an entire section to climate reporting, often featuring stories about the accelerating dangers of global heating on its own front page. Yet it also uses the power of its news brand to create and publish advertisements promoting the products causing dangerous global heating in the first place.

Ads Not Fit to Print


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