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December Petitions

Your climate-change related petitions are now available here.




By Who?

Demand Action Now to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change

In the first 100 days following COP26 demand the UK Government to: scrap the Shetland oil field plan and the Curia coal mine; respond to the demands of low-income countries; use the power as the COP26 President in the next year to ensure countries stick to their 2030 commitments.


Kwasi Kwarten: Stop Cambo *

The new oil field will produce climate pollution equal to 16 coal-fired power plants running for a year.

Greenpeace UK

UK Government: No More Oil and Gas

“Commit to no new oil or gas in the North Sea and support oil and gas workers and communities in the transition towards renewable energy.”

Greenpeace UK

Stop Coca-Cola from Choking our Planet

Coca-cola is one of the richest companies globally but are the biggest plastic polluters. As the solution to this problem, the Coca Cola Company should use 100% biodegradable plastic bottles that greatly improve our environment since it’s materials are derived from plant material like corn sugar, potato, or sugarcane.

Brandon Le

​Add sustainability to the National Curriculum

Education is vital to ensure people support the positive actions towards a better future within the near future. Without education the nation will not actively support the changes required!

Oliver Smith

* check out our news article on Shell pulling out of Cambo here and the article from The Guardian on the project being paused here.


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