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Estrid Razors: Are They Worth the Hype?

The health and beauty industry has a significant impact on the environment. According to Zero Waste, 120 billion units of health and beauty packaging are produced every year. However, although a large proportion of this packaging is recyclable, most are thrown away for convenience. Research carried out by Garnier found that over 56% of Brits don’t recycle bathroom products due to the inconvenience.

This is where brands such as Estrid come in. Estrid is a Scandinavian razor brand. The brand creates razors which are good for the planet, wallet and body with the packaging being 100% recyclable. With a 4.5 star rating from the IndyBest Buys 2023, the Independent rates Estird as the best overall razor.

The razor is made from steel to withstand many years of use. This means customers are less likely to re-buy plastic razors, minimising waste. All that is swapped out is the razor head, further minimising the use of plastic.

The brand creates razors which are good for the planet, wallet and body with the packaging being 100% recyclable.

However, the razor heads cannot be recycled yet. This is because they’re a mix of plastic, metal and rubber. The individual metal blades can be recycled, melted down and used again. Estrid states that they’re looking at recycling opportunities but that some legal obstacles are in place for the entire category.

Another issue that could occur with subscription schemes such as Estrid’s is under-use and over-consumption, with too many razor heads being delivered. Whilst this could prove a problem, Estrid allows you to personalise your subscription to align with your use, or cancel the subscription and buy when you need.

I ordered the starter pack from the website which cost me £7.95, along with a free gift of the travel case which is usually £5.95. Whilst more expensive than a standard plastic razor, if the product really does last then it would be a great investment. I have started on a three-month subscription with four razor blades arriving every three months for £9.95 but you can personalise to every second or fourth month along with the option of buying the replacement blades as and when you need them.

The razor arrived in a pastel pink cardboard box with words of inclusivity and encouragement on each side. The razor itself feels weighty and durable and gives a smooth and gentle shave. The lubricating strip to the head of the razor is vegan-friendly and made the razor glide over tricky ankles and knees.

The aesthetic and minimalist razor is reminiscent of the simple beauty of Scandinavian design, reminding me of the sleekness of Chilly’s bottles, or the simplicity of Glossier branding. The brand is expertly tapping into Instagram/TikTok influencer culture with its inclusivity and design. The ice cream pastel shades make the razor a statement, something you want to last which aligns with their influencer marketing strategy and overall inclusive vibe.

Overall, I think this brand is paving the way for needed changes within the health and beauty industry. The constant re-buying of products which are unrecyclable or come in excessive packaging and are thrown away after a few uses needs to be challenged and changed. Additionally to this, the brand’s design, inclusivity and success of the product itself make it a worthy investment. With their referral code, you can give up to eight friends 70% off the Starter Kit and you’ll receive free razor blades. This is another great incentive to get people to be more sustainable and talk about the impact of the health and beauty industry on the environment. A real win, win!


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