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H&M's Problematic New Campaign

A few days ago, PETA and H&M came together for their new campaign on vegan fashion - Co-Exist Story - using recycled nylon, leather made from grapes and wildflower filled jackets. PETA UK's tweet read "this innovative and sustainable collection is unlike anything you've every seen before" but it sounds very paradoxical and borderline hypocritical to include the word "sustainable" in the same sentence as @hm.

Vegan fashion is not necessarily sustainable fashion, and to incorporate sustainability as a buzz word, is a sheer greenwashing technique for fast-fashion brands such as H&M to attract more consumers. Sustainability means a lot more than environmentalism: it is the sustainable economic, social and environmental development of an operation or a country. To confuse consumers by advertising a campaign as sustainable is to take advantage of the amount of misinformation that is out there. In reality, until H&M pay their workers fair wages and put an end to the overproduction of their garments, their campaigns and stores will not be "sustainable." H&M's exploitative practices put it on the wrong side of history and PETA's campaign is only engaging on #greenwashing.

You can find are some vegan fashion brands that you can look into as an alternative to H&M by Goodonyou here.

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