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These most climate-conscious drag queens should not be missed by anyone who loves drag and the environment. Known for being fierce, opinionated, and climate-conscious these are just a handful of drag queens who are using their platform to promote everything green!


Bimini Bon-Boulash is a British drag queen and the plant-based princess of East London. Their first lines when appearing on the infamous RuPaul’s Drag Race UK were short and sweet: “I’m Vegan!”. Their style, dance moves, and outstanding Katie Price impression are just some of the things that make them stand out - but also their commitment to sustainability and change. They have been vegan for approximately seven years now and were vegetarian before that, demonstrating how deeply aware they are of animal agriculture.

Back in 2021, Bimini collaborated with Depop on the new series “Let’s Talk” to celebrate Earth Day. With the simple art of conversation, Depop aimed to promote circularity as a culture of hope and fashion for all. In addition to this, they launched a campaign in London with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, to support London plant-based restaurants affected by the global pandemic. So, if you're not following this climate-conscious, non-binary, dancing queen, you're missing out!

Instagram: @biminibabes


As their Instagram bio states, Pattie Gonia is a ‘professional homosexual, environmentalist and drag queen’. Drag is known for its bold, innovative, and eye-catching outfits - but have you ever seen drag combined with hiking? Pattie Gonia wants everyone to have the chance to connect with nature, and their way of demonstrating this is by making the outdoors as gay as possible. One example of this is when they rock-climbed in a dress and high heels! That’s real talent if you ask me.

Drag and the outdoors have always been their favourite pastimes. Their Instagram is constantly filled with pictures and videos of them adventuring the outdoors both in and out of drag. Their recent post, as seen above, is a picture of them posing in a gown made of actual garbage to raise awareness about plastic pollution…Incredible.

Instagram: @pattiegonia


Australia’s vegan drag queen Courtney Act has stated that if they could rule the world they would replace all animal products with plant-based products, noting that there are so many great substitutes - they got that right! Over the past few years, Courtney Act has become one of the biggest environmental activists within the drag community in many ways. They were named Australia’s sexiest vegan back in 2017, alongside Liam Hemsworth! In addition to this, Courtney has posted an ample amount of vegan cooking videos on YouTube, with a wide range of tasteful, plant-based dishes. Alongside the likes of Tom Daley and a variety of other drag race superstates such as Gia Gunn.

Instagram: @courtneyact


The firey-haired Chicago drag queen, also known as Melisser Elliott, is the author of the book The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life: Cruelty Free Crafts, Recipes, Beauty Secrets and More. The book is not just for vegan girls, but for anyone who has an interest in joining the cruelty-free lifestyle.

Besides being a vegan for over a decade, they are also a licensed esthetician, former international makeup artist, and beauty blogger. Obviously, they’re a queen of many talents! They recently had a charity show, alongside 6 other vegan drag queens! The show raised money for homeless members of the LGBTQ+ community and the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, a farm which advocate for animal rights and give farmed animals a chance at life.

Instagram: @fayludes


If the name didn’t already give it away, Sima the Vegan is a climate-conscious drag queen who was crowned the vegan drag queen of Orange County. Her Instagram is filled with irresistible plant-based dishes and voluminous, bright green hair, so you can't help but notice her! She even has Instagram highlights titled ‘Vegan Eats’, ‘Vegan Events’ and ‘Vegan Make-Up’ – showing just how much of an environmentally friendly queen she truly is.

Instagram: @simavegan


Animal activist and vegan drag queen Scardey Kat is incredibly vocal about their views on the environment to her 128,000 Instagram followers. In 2019, they attended the London Animal Rights March, alongside more than 12,000 other activists. They also provided the ultimate vegan extravaganza realness as part of a PETA campaign that sought to end the use of fox and mink fur. In an exclusive interview to promote the campaign, they stated: “None of us know why we’re here on this planet, so why is one life more important than the other?” following up this statement by explaining that “You wouldn’t kill your cat and put it on a coat, so why should you kill a fox or, like, a mink or anything else? Because there’s not really any difference”. The climate-conscious and eccentric drag queen exemplifies how you can use your platform for the greater good.


Vegan activist Honey LaBronx hosts her own podcast The Big Fat Vegan as well as her own YouTube cooking series, The Vegan Drag Queen – discussing all things tasteful and green. On her Instagram, Honey actively promotes veganism and ways to help the planet, sharing her incredibly passionate views on the issue. In one of her posts, she shares how she has been vegan for 12 years now and it was the best decision she has made. She also attended Berlin’s Vegan Sommerfest in 2018, discussing Pro-Intersectional Veganism in a speech to ample amount of people! If this isn’t enough to make you become a fan of her, then I’m not sure what will.

Instagram: @honeylabronx


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