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The Sustainable Youtubers to Watch this Exam Season

(whilst studying very hard, of course)

Marissa: A to Zen Life

Sometimes watching minimalists talking about their journey can feel like sitting in on a lecture. Marissa makes it so much better to learn more by adding her own touch to her minimalism journey, as well as creating my favorite type of videos - on decluttering! Watching her turn out bags and bags of stuff was very satisfying, and knowing she is going to do good with all that she decides to move on from, as well as knowing that she is going to break the consumerism cycle and reduce her waste, is so important for sustainability.

Karina: Earthy Reenz

Karina makes videos related to minimalism too, but mostly she relates to the early to mid-twenties feeling of being a little bit lost on the path of life and needing to find purpose. She talks about money troubles, mental health, and minimalistic and sustainable curly hair routines. She’s also a smaller Youtuber on the rise, which can be a hidden gem.

Ariane: abetweene

Ariane has a larger channel dedicated to more ways to go zero or low waste, including beauty hacks, food videos, WIEIAD, and home makeover videos. She’s like all of the best Netflix makeover shows rolled up into a beautiful sustainable package, and she’s one of my favourites for beauty and home decor because her taste is so good.

Tayler: o h h t a e

Taylor’s videos are definitely some of the more realistic and relatable ones. She talks about the real, genuine struggle that she faces during her journey to low waste and is realistic about the cost and what that can mean in tight months, and genuinely documents her ups and downs of the process. Fair warning though: she hasn’t uploaded in two months, so might be a bingewatch moment rather than a slow burn update.

Liziqi: 李子柒 Liziqi

I wasn’t sure whether to add Liziqi on here but she is too good to leave behind. She documents her life in a small village in China where she lives slowly and naturally and mostly on the land, and while her lifestyle isn’t based in being deliberately sustainable (at least not in the way we are used to) it’s easy to see where her life is benefiting the planet and how much she respects nature.

But remember, exams come first…


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