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Tips for beating the budget whilst saving the planet this winter

Winter always causes a strain on our pockets, especially when you add a cost of living crisis on top. We understand that sometimes you can’t afford to buy those organic foods and sustainable items, so here are some other sustainable changes you can make while saving some money.


Draught-proofing is a cheap and effective way of saving energy. This is a method where you block up gaps that let cool air in and warm air out, usually under doors and around windows. By draught-proofing your windows and doors, you can save around £60 a year, and £90 if you draght-proof your open chimney [1]. Although we are aiming to prevent airflow between the inside of your home and the outside, airflow is essential to make sure your house stays healthy and dry; extractor fans, trickle vents and wall vents allow air circulation and are often already fitted in modern homes [1]. Here are a couple of cheap ways you can draught-proof your home:

  1. A draught excluder is very effective at sealing gaps at the bottom of your doors

  2. Self-adhesive foam strips are cheap and very easy to install around windows and doors

  3. You can purchase keyhole covers which drop metal discs over your keyholes on external doors to prevent cold air entering your home

  4. Chimney draught excluders prevent heat loss through the chimney and can be fitted inside or around the fireplace

  5. Seal up or cover old extractor fans

Heating efficiently

It is estimated that you can save as much as £75 a year by reducing your heating by one degree [2]. If you normally heat your home to 22*C, try heating to 21*C; it is unlikely you’ll even notice the difference. If there are rooms you don’t use often, turn the radiators off so you are not wasting energy in rooms that don’t need to be heated. Additionally, make sure that your radiators are actually heating up. You may need to bleed your radiators to ensure youre heating up your home evenly.

Cooking in bulk

Keeping small frozen portions of budget-friendly hearty foods in the winter ready to heat up are perfect for using less energy and make your meals go further.

Slow cookers

Even better yet, making use of your slow cookers and soup makers are a great way to batch cook using cheap bags of winter vegetables. In fact, slow cookers use an average of 246W compared to 700W of power used by an average oven when roasting meat [3]. If you don’t own a slow cooker, they are well worth an investment and can be bought for as little as £30 [3], paying for itself in a matter of months.


Windows account for around 40% of heat lost in the home [4]. Other than ensuring your draught-proofing your windows, simply pulling the curtains and blinds can make a huge difference. Keeping curtains open during the daytime allows for natural heat sources to heat up your home, but as soon as it gets dark, closing those curtains adds an extra barrier that slows down heat loss and protects your home from cold air coming in.

By reducing the amount you spend on energy this year, you are doing that extra bit to save our planet and reduce the strain on our natural resources.


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