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Our Recommendations: Online Courses on Sustainability

Below you can find a collection of various sustainability-related online courses from sustainable business strategy to ESG and sustainability reporting!

Online teaching has come to the core of the educational system as a result of COVID-19, whether you are interested in learning a new skill, or understanding the ways that you can enter the sustainability profession, online courses may be a suitable option for exploring and understanding key concepts such as sustainable development, what ESG really is, CSR and more. Below you can find some of our recommendations and a brief breakdown for each that includes the provider, costs, duration and type of certification you receive upon completion.


Corporate Sustainability: Understanding and Seizing the Strategic Opportunity

  • Provider: University of Bocconi

  • Cost: free enrolment & paid certificate

  • Duration: 16 hours to complete

  • Self-paced online

  • Certification: certificate of completion

  • Structure: Whether and how organisations can generate business opportunities and value for their stakeholders while tackling sustainable development challenges

Strategy and sustainability

  • Provider: IESE Business School

  • Cost: free enrolment & paid certificate

  • Duration: 16 hours to complete

  • Self-paced online

  • Certification: certificate of completion

  • Structure:

    • Developing sustainability strategies and quantifying the costs and benefits of different options.


Tourism in transition: exploring a sustainable future

  • Provider: Wageningen University & Research

  • Cost: 464€

  • Duration: 5 months – 5-7 hours per week

  • Self-paced online

  • Certification: professional certification by Wageningen University and Research

  • Structure:

    • Sustainable tourism: society & environmental aspects

    • Sustainable tourism: rethinking the future

    • Tourism and climate change

Environmental Management for Sustainability

  • Provider: University System of Maryland

  • Cost: 464€

  • Duration: 5 months – 5-8 hours per week

  • Self-paced online

  • Certification: professional certification by University System of Maryland

  • Structure:

    • Strategic communication for sustainability leaders

    • Storytelling with data using socio-environmental report cards

    • The science advisory toolbox for environmental management

    • Innovative environmental management models: case studies and applications

University Courses

Sustainable business strategy

  • Provider: Harvard Business School Online

  • Cost: $1,400

  • Duration: 3 weeks (20-25 hours of materials)

  • Self-paced with certain deadlines

  • Certification: Certificate of Completion by HBS

  • Structure:

    • The Business Case for Action

    • Driving Change at Scale - Moving Beyond the Firm

    • Purpose-Driven Systemic Change

Sustainable capitalism and ESG

  • Provider: Berkeley Law Executive Education

  • Cost: TBA

  • Duration: 10 week – 40 hours

  • Self-paced online

  • Certification: Certificate in Sustainable Capitalism by Berkeley

  • Structure:

    • 10 modules on topics such as: communicating to investors, leveraging ESG as a process for risk oversight and business advantage etc.

Sustainable supply chain

  • Provider: Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

  • Cost: £2,200

  • Duration: 8 weeks online, 7-10 hours per week

  • Tutor assisted online

  • Certification: certificate of completion

  • CDP Certified

  • Structure:

    • 8 modules on building resilience into the supply chain and driving sustainable transformation in the organisation.


Reporting with the GRI Standards 2021 Update

  • Provider: GRI Academy

  • Cost: 300€

  • Duration: TBA

  • Self-paced online

  • Structure:

    • Explaining GRI Standards, defining key concepts and identifying key requirements for reporting.

ESG Professional Certification

  • Provider: CFA Institute

  • Cost: $675

  • Duration: 130 hours study time.

  • Self-paced online

  • Certification: CFA Institute Certificate in ESG Investing

  • Structure:

    • Syllabus on ESG followed by Exam in selected test centres globally or online proctoring: 100 standard multiple choice and duration is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

ISO 26000 Social responsibility

  • Provider: PECB

  • Cost: TBA

  • Duration: 2 days

  • Online

  • Certification: ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Foundation

  • Structure:

    • Understanding the principles of social responsibility and integrating it within your organisation.

Sustainability reporting process

  • Provider: ISOS Group

  • Cost: $350

  • Duration: 2 days – 2 4 hour sessions

  • Online

  • Certification: 1 of 5 credit points towards GRI’s professional certification program

  • Structure:

    • Understanding the benefits of sustainability reporting and GRI standards and learn about other organisations’ experiences and challenges through case study examples.


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